Providence Foundation of
San Francisco Scholarship Application

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

• Must be a high school graduate

• Have a minimum grade point average of 2.1 on a 4.0 GPA grade scale

• Must be accepted into a 2-year Community College, or 4-year College or University

• Demonstrate volunteerism within your community, school or church

Application Contents

Applicants must submit the following:

• A completed Scholarship Application. Please print the PDF and fill out your responses, including "N/A" for items that are not applicable to you. The application must be completed in its entirety, submitted with the items listed below to the Administration Office located at 4601 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94124.

• 3 letters of recommendation (such as a school counselor, principal, teacher, pastor or community agency).

• Copy of the Letter of Intent or Acceptance Letter from the college or university you expect to attend.

• Most recent official academic transcript (usually through the spring/fall semester of the previous academic year). You must request that your Registrar send this directly to you. We will not accept student copies, computer downloads, or other unofficial transcripts. Most schools assess a nominal service charge to send official transcripts.

• A personal biographical essay statement of 1000 words or less. Select a topic about your career objectives, leadership abilities, and involvement in your community. Share any hardships that you've overcome, experiences that are important to you, and your accomplishments.

• Submit a Photo. (NOTE: Photo will not be returned.)



Complete application packet, including all required material(s), must be submitted at the address below according to the following timeframes:

First Semester – May 31st

Second Semester – October 31st


Please submit a completed application packet to:

Providence Foundation of San Francisco

Scholarship Committee, Board of Directors

4601 Third Street

San Francisco, CA 94124

Attn: Silvester Nobleza

If you have questions, please email and put “Scholarship Committee” in the subject line.


Scholarship Amount Available: $500