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Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Must be a rising high school senior or continuing college student.

Have a minimum grade point average of 2.1 on a 4.0 GPA grade scale.

Must be accepted into a 2-year Community College, or 4-year College or University.

Demonstrate volunteerism within your community, school or church.

Application Package Requirements

Submit the Scholarship Application Package by the deadline.

 Include 3 letters of recommendation. 

 A copy of the Letter of Intent or Acceptance Letter from the college or university.

Most recent official academic transcript. 

A personal essay statement with a maximum of 1000 words.

Submit a Photo.

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester: Application Opens MARCH 1, 2024

 Fall Semester: Application Closes MAY 31, 2024

Spring Semester: Application Opens SEPTEMBER 1, 2024

Spring Semester: Application Closes NOVEMBER 30, 2024

Award Amount

• $500.00

FALL 2024

Personal Information

Are you or an immediate member of your family employed by Providence Foundation of San Francisco?

Academic Information

Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.

Your donations make a difference.

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